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We are specializing in YZ crowns and bridges.  YZ core + VM9 porcelain.
The combination of the two materials not only has superior flexural strength, amazing enamel wear most importantly your clients will love no metal!  The two materials are perfectly matched to each other in terms of expansion and contraction unlike porcelain and metal copings.
yz crowns

YZ (Yttrium Infiltrated Zirconium Oxide) features and benefits:
healthy teeth Brampton Less intrusive dentistry can be adopted, taking full advantage of the materials strength and superb esthetics for example:  in procedures where space is an issue, ceramo-metal crowns require metal to show, YZ shows white – because we don’t need opaquer to make metal white we save a little more tooth.
healthy teeth Brampton Provides more translucency than metal and reflects light more naturally, but is opaque enough to hide metal pins and posts.
healthy teeth Brampton Easier shade matching – don’t have to cover the metal 1st.
healthy teeth Brampton No ugly gingival dark line due to light blocking affects .
healthy teeth Brampton No exposed metal margin after gums recede over time.
healthy teeth Brampton No risk of galvanic current.
healthy teeth Brampton Ability to withstand high functional stress – resistance to fracture due to load – cross links prevents propagation of cracks.
healthy teeth Brampton No thermal conductivity discomfort.
healthy teeth Brampton 250% increase over the last 6 months in Australia (1000 crowns) strong trend to replace the ceramo-metal crown - increase of use and demand worldwide.
healthy teeth Brampton Can be conventionally cemented or bonded.
healthy teeth Brampton 100% guaranteed accuracy of fit when our standard is applied saving approximately 15 minutes chair time.

dental implants Brampton
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