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The first step in the treatment process involves an assessment of the overall health of the patient. Most people, even with moderate illness can withstand the minor surgery involved in placing a few implants. More extensive treatment requires more collaboration with physicians and good control of pre-existing medical conditions.

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The next consideration is determining the health of the mouth and each remaining tooth. This is done through a dental examination and some x-rays to visualize the anatomy of the bone and remaining teeth. After a treatment proposal is discussed, a more thorough assessment of the proposed implant sites is often made using “3-dimensional” imaging. This imaging technique gives measurable cross-sectional pictures of the jaw. Bony borders, nerve canals, sinus structure and other important information can be gathered from these images.

If there is sufficient bone to accept implants, the surgery becomes simple. Using local anesthesia (freezing) the gums are reflected, a small hole is made and an implant is screwed into the hole. The gums are closed around the top of the implant, the patient is put on a soft diet and placed on antibiotics. Medication is also prescribed to control pain. If a front tooth is involved, a temporary tooth or teeth are placed into the mouth while the tissues heal around the implant. This will allow you to have temporary teeth while your implants.

If the bone volume is insufficient in the proposed implant site, various approaches may be considered, including the skipping the worst site, use of more - shorter implants and various bone expansion techniques. There are a multitude of good techniques available today to achieve the results desired by the patient. Remaining bone volume usually determines the complexity and cost of treatment.

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dental implants Brampton
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