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Dental imaging is important to help the dentist better understand the existing anatomy of the jaws. Dentists have been using small x-rays (periapical and bitewing x-rays) to help them diagnose problems with teeth and the jaws. These problems usually involved caries and root canal problems and bony anomalies adjacent to teeth.
dental imaging periapical

Panoramic x-rays are useful for viewing a plane through the jaws that displays similar images to the above x-rays but gives broader and more complete view of the teeth and related structures. Dr. Svoboda often uses this view to give him an overview of a patient’s condition. This overview is useful for consultation regarding dental treatment including implant placement, extractions and detection of jaw abnormalities. Unfortunately the
panoramic dental x-ray
“Panoramic View” lacks the clarity of detail offered by the above small x-rays. Therefore it is common to combine information from these two x-ray modalities to give a better understanding of the oral condition of the patient.

A problem with the “Panoramic View” involves inconsistent image distortion. As well, it is difficult to view images in other planes to get a better understanding of the cross-sectional dimensions of the jaws and sinuses.

Dr. Svoboda has been using a special machine (CommCat) that allows the visualization of the jaws in measurable 3-dimensional planes. This is very useful when planning implant treatment in the areas of the sinuses, nerves and where a better understanding of the bony anatomy necessary.

Technology has now improved even further to allow for an in-office CT Scan that allows the dentist to visualize jaw anatomy with greater clarity and indeed share imaging
3D dental imaging
data with sophisticated model making equipment that allows for precise model and surgical stint production. This means the dentist will have the capability of preplanning your case outside your mouth. This is great technology and promises even greater control over the treatment process. Dr. Svoboda is actively engaged in a process to bring this technology “in house” for the benefit of his patients and the patients of his colleagues.

Treatment with dental implants has many wonderful benefits. Diagnostic Dental Imaging helps make it safer and more predictable than ever!

dental implants Brampton
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