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DENTAL SEMINARS want to start

Dr. Svoboda has been using “Public Seminars” to provide information to the Public and to “interested Professionals” for over 15 years. The purpose of the Seminar is to allow attendees to better understand “Why Dental Implants can be so valuable to their Dental Treatment”. Dental implants can add a lot of stability to treatment because they are resistant to the three top reasons natural teeth fail. They do not get caries, they do not have root canal systems that can fail and they are physically strong. 

As natural teeth are lost, remaining teeth must work harder. Dental implants are load bearing and reduce the load on remaining teeth. This is good news because remaining teeth are often already weakened by dental disease and attempts to repair them. Without dental implants remaining teeth should be expected to fail at an increasing pace. This is what is observed clinically.

Our next seminar will be on Wednesday November 18, 2009 at ParkPlace Dental Centre 7:00 pm. This seminar is about one hour long and is designed to help you better understand your dental treatment options. For more information, please click here.


dental implants Brampton
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