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There are many surgical procedures that are done in the mouth or oral cavity. The most common procedures involve extraction of teeth (including wisdom teeth) and surgery involving the gums.

Many procedures can be done in the general dental office setting but some procedures are better done in the hospital setting. The hospital is often a better place for surgery if the patient has significant medical problems or the complexity of the surgery involves the skills and resources found in the hospital environment. Dr. Svoboda usually refers these procedures to his talented colleagues who work in a hospital environment.

Implant surgery can be simple or complex. Most implant surgery can be done in the office environment with local anaesthetic. This includes surgeries that involve multiple extractions, multiple implants and many tissue augmentation procedures. Some surgeries may benefit from sedation or general anaesthesia. Dr. Svoboda can discuss this with you.

Tooth extraction techniques that preserve maximum jaw tissues for implant placement and tissue augmentation procedures to build back lost tissues are important and common procedures that accompany implant treatment. Dr. Svoboda has experience in many types of procedures that support the success of implant treatment. He will be happy to discuss which procedures can be used to support the best results for you:

For more information, please call our dental office at 905-866-6657.

dental implants Brampton
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