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Teeth have a blood supply and nerves within them. When the nerves or blood supply is damaged a tooth can become painful. Sometimes the nerve of a tooth can die without pain. When a nerve dies the body often reacts to the dead nerve by forming an abscess. This abscess may result in pain and swelling or it may result in a smoldering inflammation that causes the loss of tissues around the tooth.

Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) can be used as a procedure to clean out the dead nerve and fill the root canal system with a material that allows the body to heal around the tooth. Root canal therapy has been used to save a lot of teeth. The success of root canal therapy and restoration of the tooth is dependant on many factors including the complexity of the root canal anatomy, the number of roots and the length of time the tooth was infected.

Other important factors that affect whether it is desirable to perform root canal treatment on a particular tooth relates to the restorability of the tooth. It is no use doing root canal treatment on a tooth that does not have sufficient tooth structure remaining for the dentist to restore it with an acceptable degree of predictability. It is usually desirable to place a crown on a tooth after root canal treatment.

Prior to the advent of dental implants, even teeth with poor chance of successful root canal treatment and crown treatment were attempted. This was because the other alternatives and their consequences were not acceptable to the patient. Now dental implants should always be considered before endodontic treatment is contemplated. Certainly the higher the risk of failure of root canal treatment or restoration of the tooth, the stronger the argument for implant treatment. Implants are strong, do not have root canal systems and have a high degree of predictability.

Indeed recurrent decay and the resulting damage to the strength of the tooth is a major reason that crowns on natural teeth fail. Dental implants do not get caries and thus the long term success of treatment involving dental implants is expected to be very good.

Let Dr. Svoboda help you make a decision regarding the best treatment for you.
For more information, please contact our dental office at 905-866-6657.

dental implants Brampton
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