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A Great Smile can do a lot to enhance your appearance. Your Smile is affected by your teeth and their supporting tissues. Worn, chipped, splayed, discoloured, sick and missing teeth make your Smile less attractive.
There are many ways to Improve your Smile
Discoloured Teeth can be improved by professional cleaning, root canal treatment, whitening, white fillings, porcelain facings and porcelain crowns. Worn Teeth can be repaired by fillings, crowns and facings. Treatment of worn teeth can be complex, as many teeth are often involved. Crooked teeth can be realigned by tooth straightening (Orthodontics), fillings, facings and crowns. Sick teeth can be treated with fillings, gum treatment, root canal treatment and extraction with tooth replacement. Missing Teeth can be replaced with crowns, bridges and dentures with or without dental implants.

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Dental Implants are tooth root replacements used to anchor replacement teeth that can be of the removable variety (dentures) or of the fixed variety (porcelain crowns & bridges). Picture (1) shows a clear acrylic crown attached to a model dental implant.

For presentation go to "Why Dental Implants".


Good Lip and Lower Face Support can Improve your Smile. These can both be accomplished with crowns, bridges and/or dentures. The pictures below show a person (1) without dentures, (2) with a lower denture supported by implants and (3) with both dentures in place. Notice the positive effect of good lip and face support - the patient looks much younger with proper support! Dental Implants can help restore good lower face support and make your New Smile Beautiful and Durable.
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dental implants Brampton
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