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Without access to good health care and antibiotics, dental related infection can be a significant threat to life. Without active preventative measures and professional help, nine out of ten people are expected to loose most of their teeth and be subjected to the further ongoing loss of the hard and soft tissues that support their teeth. There is growing evidence that tooth related infection may be associated with heart disease, joint degradation & lung disease.

As people in North America are living longer, maintaining teeth and their supporting tissues is more important than ever. Dental implants are very useful in helping maintain comfort and good oral health.

The two main diseases of the mouth are caused by bacteria. The progress of dental disease is slow and is measured in years. It is the slow painless progress of dental disease that gives its victims a false sense of security. The disease process accelerates as the bacteria become more established and the local conditions facilitate their growth.
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Bacteria damage teeth by causing Cavities (Caries) and/or Gum Disease (Periodontitis, Pyorrhea). Cavities damage the tooth’s structure while Gum Disease results in damage to the tissues that support teeth. Both Caries and Periodontitis are serious infections that can result in tooth loss.

Make no mistake, dental disease is a serious illness that robs people of their general health and disfigures them in the process.

Dental implants do not get caries and are resistant to gum disease. This is great news for you - because most natural teeth are lost as a result of these two processes.
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