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Bridges are dental appliances that attach to remaining natural teeth or dental implants and are used to replace missing teeth.

Natural teeth that are adjacent to spaces often need to be reduced to accept bridges.  This is unfortunate if the natural teeth are not heavily damaged already as teeth prepared for bridges tend to have more problems than unprepared teeth. They tend to be more susceptible to decay, some will develop root canal problems and some will break as a result of increased biting loads. Before the advent of dental implants, bridges were often one of the best treatments for replacing missing teeth.

Indeed before implants some bridges were made to replace multiple missing teeth. This treatment often lead to premature failure of remaining teeth and added to the already unstable dental condition

Now dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth and add more load bearing roots to better tolerate the loads of normal tooth function. Bridges can be used in combination with dental implants as it is not always necessary to use one implant for each tooth. Eight implants are often sufficient to retain 12 teeth depending on expected load. This treatment uses bridges on implants to reconstruct teeth that feel and look normal.

Bridges can be made of many materials. Dr. Svoboda uses crowns and bridges made of “YZ Zirconium” covered with VM9 porcelain to make excellent fitting and beautiful looking replacement teeth. “YZ Zirconium” is used as the infrastructure of crowns and is white unlike the usual metal infrastructures used in Dentistry.

For more info, please contact our dental office at 905-866-6657.

dental implants Brampton
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